I love all things southern from food to geography. I love the slow pace of the South, the laid-back attitude, and overall friendliness of southern folk. I love the smell of Gardenias and the beauty of a magnolia (is there is a hybrid?).

IMG_8788My friends and family say my gift is wisdom – from a very young age my mom would roll her eyes and tell people I was 4 going on 40 (or insert any number) when they wondered at the things that I would come up with! I think it goes hand-in-hand with my creative propensities and frankly that is the real playground of my life – whether writing, crafting, baking, decorating or planning a special gathering for friends and family.

I am most alive when I am creating; and that’s when I feel closest to God.

I hope you’ll find something that connects with you here…I love a gathering of freethinking souls, a home full of laughter and a good glass of wine now and then.



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