Batman Sleeps

My Ethan often travels to wherever I am at 1:00 am in the morning. Some internal clock wakes him and he rushes across his room, throws open the door and runs to find me in the study, at my computer, or asleep in my room. Where ever I am, he locates me, plops down and goes immediately back to sleep.

Tonight when I got home from a late meeting, he rushed across the room and told me he missed me. As he wrapped his arms around me, he leaned in and I leaned back, savoring his five-year-old transparency and wishing the moment could go on forever.

Later, the night noises are in place. My husband is snoring in a distant room, my computer is humming and I look over at my sweet baby boy asleep in an office chair, snuggling his well-loved stuffed puppy dog. He is in his familiar batman pajamas with one black and one blue sock. As I gently brush a wisp of hair off his forehead, I am struck again by the thought that this season will morph into a new one.

How beautiful they are when they sleep…all of life stops, and they are transformed into angels of peace.

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