Butterfly Celebrations

blog-butterflies-in-flightOn a very warm September day, I married my best friend. As guests arrived for our wedding, they were given a small box and asked not to open it until cued to do so. After we said our vows, we turned to our friends and family and asked them to open their boxes. Within seconds, 125 butterflies took flight to the surprise and delight of everyone in attendance (with the exception of our photographer, who I’d forgotten to tell about the surprise!).

Today marks our 15th year together. As I was waiting with my daughter for her school bus this morning, she suddenly said, “Look Mom! A butterfly!”

I stared in awe because a butterfly had materialized right between us, fluttered up above our heads and flew out of sight.

Marlana and I smiled at each other…her smile was because she knows I love butterflies. Mine, because it reminded me that I have so much to be thankful for and that God, in all His glory, took time to send me a butterfly on this special day.

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