Published Works

Backyard Vacations

by Robyn Klesath Robertson

Remember when all it took was a pup tent in the backyard to bring on a mixture of excitement, adventure and contentment? Now imagine going back in time, recapturing bygone days of childhood while enjoying a few adult amenities—in your backyard. 

If you relish the idea of getting away but don’t have the time or energy to make it happen, then consider the following local vacation destinations. Some you may know and some may surprise you, but one thing is certain: these unique retreats can provide you with a welcome respite and a dose of backyard telemetry.

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Emotional Orphans

The hidden face of emotional abuse affects not only children but society.

by Robyn Klesath Robertson

Anna is one year old when her mother finds out she is pregnant again. Anna’s parents are in the third year of a struggling marriage; a new baby is not good news. Anna’s mother falls into a deep depression for the duration of the pregnancy. Within hours of the birth of Anna’s brother, Matthew, their mother suffers a complete breakdown and is transferred from the maternity ward to the psychiatric ward. With their father at sea on a military cruise, Anna and Matthew are sent to stay with Margaret, an elderly neighbor who befriended Anna’s mother. 

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In The Middle

The Sandwich Generation Are Trying To Meet Their Parent’s Needs While Still Raising Children

by Robyn Klesath Robertson

You and your spouse both have careers.You have a teenage son, a college-age daughter and an elderly parent who needs an increasing amount of caregiving. Sound familiar? Welcome to the Sandwich Generation.

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Identity Theft

by Robyn Klesath Robertson

Can you imagine waking up one morning to discover someone else living your life? That they’d stolen your name and social security number to open credit cards, secure deposits on cars and housing, gain employment and even robbed you of your retirement earnings? Stuff of science fiction, you say? Hardly. Identity theft crimes are on the rise nationwide, and Hampton Roads is not immune. In fact, more cases were reported in the first six months of this year than in 1999 and 2000 combined.

Why the sudden increase?

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